Anyone who spends any length of time with me will hear me talk about yoga. There is no part of my life that yoga has not impacted greatly. 

(To clarify - when I talk about yoga, I am speaking more about the philosophy found in the eight limb and Kundalini systems more than "postures", although these have their own benefits as well).

The specific tenet I am exploring now is: practice and non-attachment (abhyasa and vairagya). I have been working strongly with these two seemingly opposite ideas in all areas of my life, but find it very useful for my upcoming race. On November 2, I will race the 3TV Phoenix half marathon with a PR goal in mind. I have worked very hard the past couple of months to get my speed and fitness prepared to run a great half marathon and I deeply trust my coach and my training. With that being said - race day is never predictable. This is where non-attachment will be specifically practiced. I am mentally and physically prepared for a great race while honoring that - should anything come up that day that is out of my control - it is exactly that: out of my control. This may sound like I am preparing for the worst but it's not that. Non-attachment allows me to remain in whatever experience I am in while still continuing to do my best, addressing what I can specifically affect (my mental game). 

This has been a very useful tool in my personal and professional life lately as well. Since September 1, I live in two cities and have two separate homes which is lovely and presents unique challenges. When I find myself overwhelmed by work load or training while trying to manage time with loved ones and rest time I remember life is a delicate dance of will and surrender. This constantly puts things back into perspective for me and allows me to focus on just one thing at a time, ultimately removing a great amount of stress. 

If you are interested in learning a bit more about how these practices are introduced traditionally, use this link:


Thank you for reading :)