I have been very lucky in my life as I was given extremely supportive parents who have always cheered me on in any of my goals. They were always ‘all in’ with me and for me. My parents have always loved to exercise, and that love for being active, combined with determination and stubbornness- the latter which *may* have come from my Dad’s side (love you Dad!)- gave the three of us kids the knowledge that with hard work we could be anything we wanted and achieve anything we wanted. To this day, the times where I am doubting myself, my parents are always reassuring me with words that would come out of the mouth of a trusted coach. “You can do this” “You are ready” “Give it your all”.

Mom and Dad supporting me at the 2014 Riga Marathon in Riga, Latvia.

Mom and Dad supporting me at the 2014 Riga Marathon in Riga, Latvia.

Have you seen this commercial by Procter and Gamble? 

 I wanted to share this because both my mother and father have always given up their time to support us. This commercial parallels my life, on a different scale. It stirred up memories of everything my parents have done to support my goals and hone a sense of work ethic and determination that has allowed me to achieve successes and to know and firmly believe that the best is yet to come. 

Thank you Mom and Dad for:

Mom, allowing me to get in your way to complete Jane Fonda Workout videos with you when I was 5. I am sure I was constantly underfoot but you always let me ‘work out’ with you. 

Dad, for those Saturday morning bike rides through Whitnall Park. We would be riding for hours!

Mom and Dad, Thank you for taking me downtown for ballet classes every single night of the week after you had gotten home from work. I am sure you were exhausted. I know the classes were expensive, but you knew it was my love and you gave me every tool to succeed. Dad, thank you for the ballet barre you built in my room so I could practice, practice, practice.

Dad, thank you for coaching my softball team for many years. My Dad was a great coach and I still remember him telling me some great advice that I think of to this day and apply it to running- “There will always be someone better than you, but you can’t let that stop you, you need to worry about yourself and go do your best!”

Thank you both for being at every single Dance Team competition in High School. You did not miss one, and I know they were very long…and that the music was very terrible….

Thank you for supporting me as I went through some hard times after college. 

Mom, thank you for teaching me to have “Faith not Fear” and that as long as I had faith, I could move mountains.

Thank you for cheering me on for every race and hard workout that I am nervous about. Your thoughtful words, texts, and cards mean more than you know.

Thank you for believing in me. Always.