It has been an interesting start to the year at the Camberg household. I had lots of lofty goals, fresh ideas and great outlook to the start of 2015. My son had a lot of health challenges last year and we were looking forward to putting them behind us. January was a bit of a mixed bag, training was going ok but my left hamstring was being pesky and potentially on verge of a huge problem. I had several appointments with Dr John Ball to try to figure out what was causing the issue. We worked on my breathing and pelvic position. These things were starting to help and improvements were happening. Josh was still struggling but we felt we could see the light at the end of the tunnel. And then it all went wrong and we were DERAILED.
Week 1
Monday- It started on a normal 8 mile run, I started feeling hot and woozy on a chilly morning and a little tickle in my throat.
Tuesday- I was bumping close to 103 temp and the flu was taking a full siege on my body. I decided not to run but maybe should have cut out the "running around" of driving kids everywhere dragging myself to classes too. I had several miserable days and then started feeling better but the flu decided to take up residence in my lungs forcing full-blown asthma attacks.
Friday- Fortunately my doctor got me in on a Friday afternoon. Also I had been experiencing extreme tightness in my low back for a couple weeks. Chiropractor, acupuncture, massage were all part of my plan to release the tightness. Josh came home that day not feeling well either.
Sunday- I had felt better and headed out on a run. I felt amazing despite the very tight low back and did my longest run in a year, 13 miles. Josh seemed to be fading a bit. That night I woke up with excruciating hip pain and unable to walk or put weight on my right foot. Something was seriously wrong.
Week 2
Monday-Thankfully John Ball got me right in that am and saved me with some crutches. x-ray showed nothing, MRI "calcified tendonitis of glute medius region: that did not explain the crazy symptoms and pain I was having. Josh got diagnosed with flu (missed the entire week of school). Somehow we made it through that week with high fevers, crutches and lots of medicine. My mom was able to watch him so I could make it to class to prepare for our big skeletal system practical exam. As the pain eased up after about 5 days I gingerly made my way back into training with the support of my village: husband, family, chiropractor, allergist, personal trainer, massage therapist and coach. My Sonoran Distance Project teammates or as I like to call them my Sonoran Sisters were incredibly supportive too!! My first day back doing anything physical was a bit scary so Katherine accompanied me to Lifetime Fitness. It was so nice to have my daughter at my side.
Week 3
I started back really slowly with strength training and a few easy miles since we were unable to determine what had caused the huge hip flare up. Josh was still really sick and missing his 2nd week of school. We also received his latest food allergy testing panel back. Not good news! He would need to eliminate eggs, dairy, all nuts, all beans on top of the gluten and soy. Yikes!
We tried to keep perspective but he has had a very tough 7th grade year. By the weekend he was not doing well. I took him to urgent care after a phone consult with pediatrician. They got him in really quick his oxygenation was very low, temperature high and coughing. After chest x-ray the nurse hooked him up to IV as I was debating that maybe we should have gone straight to hospital. I lifted his shirt up to put ice packs on him and could literally see a huge red rash traveling quickly across his body. I yelled for the doctor and said I need to get him to hospital. Despite the hospital being a 3 ring circus of coughing, fevers and crying babies they got Josh right in. I think high fever and mysterious fast spreading rash bumps you near the front of the line.  After a long night they were able to get him stable and comfortable so we headed home.I canceled all my medical appointments for the week and attempted to train, care for Josh and keep plugging away at school.
week 4 Spring Break not exactly life  at the beach
I did not share the same spring break as the kids so juggled taking care of Josh, driving Katherine to her daily double of track practice at one high school and pole vault practice at another high school. I am so thankful for my study groups to help me cram for the skeletal practical, I hired a tutor last-minute and got flash cards. Those efforts saved me and I scored an A on the exam.
week 5
Kids back to school, I had spring break and my training was starting to head in the right direction, finally. It would have been easy to just let life events, injury an illness keep me from training. I am glad I had my goals to pull me back to my training. 
Train is on the track and  pointed to Eugene Half Marathon. Looking forward to some solid training.