There are just 43 days until the Monumental Marathon.  If I ever lose track, all I have to do is check the website.  The clock is counting down.  Right now I am pushing through some of my biggest weeks and hardest workouts.  I know that this will pay off in the end but his can be a very tough few weeks for me.  Three months ago I felt like I had all the time in the world as I eased into the training.  In a few weeks I will finally be backing off and letting my body rest up for the big day.  But now I find myself very conflicted.  On one hand I have been working hard and I am optimistic about my race.  On the other hand, it just can’t come fast enough.  After spending the last couple of months being uber disciplined about my diet, sleep, running and recovery, 6 more weeks feels like a long way to go.  I am still working on some high milage so my body is tired and it starts to feel like, well, work!  Sometimes my brain just needs a break from constantly having to get motivated to get out there and push myself.  It can be hard to decide if it is just my mind playing tricks on me or if my body really needs a break.   These are a few of the tricks I use to sort that out.


1)   Sometimes just a new route helps perk me up.   It is easy to get stuck in the same old routine because X running path is so convenient.   But sometimes it’s worth an extra few minutes to a different part of town.  Another option is to try a trail. 

2)   I love my running buddies but sometimes it’s good to hear some new stories  Invite someone new or try a different group for the day.  They might also be able to introduce you to a new route or change up your pace.

3)   Try cross training.  You will not lose fitness over one work out.  This keeps your body loose but uses some different muscles.


If that isn’t working, it is time to consider if your body needs a little TLC.  Recovery is getting more and more press and there is a reason for it.  Try this:


{C}1)   A nap!  My number one recommendation is sleep.  And it’s free! As someone that works a very bizarre schedule, I can tell you that sleep will make or break you. 

{C}2)   A massage to address the sore spots.  This one can cost you but totally worth it.

{C}3)   Sometimes when I get cranky or don’t seem to recover, I think about my nutrition.  After a big run last weekend where I ran well, I didn’t eat much the rest of the day due to some nausea.  Unfortunately, the next day was an awful run and I didn’t feel better until I got the calories replaced.  Both not enough calories or poor nutritional value will come back to get you.



It isn’t rocket science.  Consistency will lead to better results in the long run.  Good luck!