At firsthand it would appear that you don’t need much gear for running, just a pair of shoes and hit the road, right? Well the longer I have been at this (almost 10 years now) the more “gear” I seem to desire. Some items help me recover better, run faster, perform better (I think), look good and just overall make the miles a little easier. I have broken it down into sections and will try not to sound like a marketing campaign!!!

Nutrition/hydration: Picky bars I love the balance of protein/carbs/fat and they taste awesome. I took a big stash on my recent trip to Europe for snacking and emergency food when I could not find something vegetarian and gluten free.  Nuun tablets I live in Tempe, AZ its hot a lot need I say more. I like to toss them in my water when I train and after I train too. Lately I need them even more with our crazy summer heat.  Carbo Pro is great for easy extra calories on a long run. I used this product when I did my Ironman in 2007 it was crucial to my nutrition plan.  Garden of Life Raw Protein powder is another daily stable. Post workout I always have this ready to go mixed with almond milk. One other item I like for adding calories during a long run is Honey stinger gels, I just don’t like all the different flavors on the market and these are just plain honey. 


Shoes: Gotta love my Brooks. I ran in the Adrenaline for about 8 years and now in the Ghost. I switch them out about every 350-400 miles. I race in St5 racer, I feel it gives enough support but still a lighter faster shoe. Putting them on always makes me feel race ready and a bit speedier. 


Watch: Garmin 310xt- I wore the Forerunner 310 for years until it died. I like my new one because it is like my old one! Yes I am old fashioned. I enjoy the ability to switch to bike mode when I am cycling. It is awesome that this will upload on Garmin Express then straight to Final Surge. 

Clothing: because if you don’t look good you don’t feel good. I will be honest I became part of Oiselle Volle’ group in 2012 (think Ambassador program) and really love their products. The Roga running shorts are my favorite, zip back pocket for my house key or gel, no chafing, great fit, perfect length, great colors!!! My daughter loves them to which has caused a few mix-up’s, like the time I packed a bag and changed at physical therapy into her Roga’s which are 2 sizes smaller than my Roga’s!  I seem to be pickier about my shorts, tops are almost always a tank, I hate the feeling of sweaty armpits and since I live in Phoenix it is a must. 

Recovery tools: Trigger point foam roller, I have the half-length one and it is perfect for traveling because you can fit things in the middle. On a recent trip to Europe my husband gave me the look “really you are packing that thing?”   I compromised and brought another favorite The Orb!  Great to work on your glutes and hamstrings. Little bigger than a softball nice and firm gets those tight sports perfectly. A regular old lacrosse ball is great for working on my feet.

Misc., training journal, I love the Believe Training journal by Lauren Fleshman. I know it seems overkill to track online with Final Surge and do a paper journal but I love to thumb through the pages seeing the recent success or identifying what changes might have caused a little pain here or there.

If you want to try any of these I included website links and Sole Sports Running Zone in Tempe has almost all of these products so pop in and try something new to see if it helps your training!

Needless to say I like my gear, I keep most of my items in my cool backpack and then I always have them.